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Perimeter Intrusion Detection

The perimeter of an installation is the first line of defence against attack however with often very long fencing, Fiber optic Cables, Pipelines it is very difficult for standard CCTV to have any valuable benefit used on its own.

However these perimeters are often protecting critical national infrastructure, Defence bases and other significant installations that are all potential targets of attack.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems ( PIDS ) are based on isolating a change from a steady background State. This is a balance between in sensitivity between detecting all intrusion events and eliminating nuisance Alarms. The environment therefore has a significant impact on a systems ability to do this and different technologies are better in different circumstances. With ever evolving technologies knowing which is best is key to the key to a successful application.

PIDS systems are all about trying to remove nuisance alarms but Traffic, Wind, Lightning, Sand and dust as well as small animals are all challenges which a system must manage as ultimately too many false alarms causes operators to lose confidence in the system and not act appropriately.

"Once a threat gets too close, it is often too late. Security must extend beyond the fence to sense, detect and identify threats while allowing security operators sufficient response time to protect people and facilities."

To that end a way of bringing to the attention of operators that an attack is being made so that normal CCTV and response personnel can be directed to the scene as quickly as possible. With large distances and often difficult terrain involved delivering the right response is critical

Typical Installations

To achieve the best results with low false reports but a very high positive rate the right technology for the right enviroment is key.

Typical barriers include

Raidnet's expertise is making available technologies and combinations of technologies to provide the user with the right solution to the problem.

Key Technologies Include

The key part to the solution is finally to integrate technologies so that the operator can make the Right decision at the Right time