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Intelligent Transport System (ITS):

RAIDNet Partner company provides the complete ITS with the overall scope of the implementation will consist of ITS design, development, testing, installation, commissioning, training, operations, and management of facilities

The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) addresses the critical issue of road congestion by offering state-of-art technologies and attractive, convenient, comfortable, value added services to encourage the usage of bus services against individual personal vehicles.

The core objectives of deploying Intelligent Transport System in any city is to provide user information, monitor system operations, ensure compliance to schedules and service quality, minimize revenue leakages, reduce costs, enhance safety and also to generate valuation traffic information for fine-tuning mobility plans.

From the perspective of various stakeholders, the objectives include:
For the Bus Drivers:
For the Management:
For Eco-system partners:
Passenger Information System:

The Intelligent Transport System proposed has as its primary focus providing timely information to the commuters and passengers of the availability and accessibility of the transport services of real-time.

The Global position system (GPS) mounted as part of the Vehicle Mounted Unit in the bus will receive the longitude and latitude coordinates from the Satellite through a process of triangulation. This information is then sent across to the Central Control station through the wireless communication link GSM / GPRS. The application at the Central control station on receiving the position inputs will update the display boards at the bus shelters / stops enroute and at the bus terminal platform display panel and the general display panel at the related bus terminals.

The Passenger Information system will be driven by the following core sub-systems Central Control Station Automatic Vehicle Location sub-system Information Display sub-system Specific Passenger information shall be displayed through appropriate Display system units fitted inside buses, Bus Stops and BUS Terminals integrated with the communication network and instant information access through the web.

ITS have five main activities are as follows:

Whether you require video recording to provide security against litigation and passenger safety, or the ability to track vehicles, reduce fuel consumption and analyze route efficiencies, our mobile video equipment can expand as your requirements change.