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CCTV on Buses

On buses, where the only authority figure on board is usually the driver (who clearly has his or her hands full), it's hard to maintain a tight level of security. Video surveillance cameras are working to help solve this problem.

Many buses are now equipped with security cameras. By functioning as deterrents to criminal activity and inappropriate behaviour, these cameras provide passengers and drivers with an added sense of security, and can also supply valuable evidence during criminal investigations.

Benefits of Surveillance Cameras on Buses
  • Protect drivers - Bus drivers must put a lot of faith in their passengers acting appropriately. Unfortunately, one never knows what type of riders will step onto the bus on any given day. The presence of onboard security cameras can help in deterring and investigating unacceptable behaviour and aggressive outbursts directed towards drivers.
  • Enforce rider regulations - Bus rules and regulations are easier to enforce with a second set of eyes. It's common for buses to feature signs which mention the presence of video surveillance. Riders who know they're under watch are more likely to follow rules, pay bus fares, and obey driver orders.
  • Prevent theft - Onboard security cameras monitor bus activity, and act as preventative measure against acts of theft between riders.
  • Deter violence - The unpredictable nature of bus passengers throughout the day can at times lead to violent incidents. Such an incident could stem from an argument between riders, or a passenger under the influence of alcohol or drugs losing composure. Surveillance cameras can monitor for such unsavoury activity, enabling operators to alert authorities should an incident break out.
  • Enhance passenger safety - Users of the bus system want to be confident that their mode of transportation is a safe one. Onboard video surveillance cameras give riders the assurance that authorities are doing everything in their power to provide a high level of security.
  • Crime investigation - Footage from onboard security cameras can prove valuable in criminal investigations of incidents taking place on buses as well as outside crimes involving specific suspects whose images may be uncovered.
  • Vandalism - If a rider tampers with the onboard security cameras, there should be backup security measure in place in the event that a video signal is lost.
  • Accident investigation -Looking - at the road ahead and behind can provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident
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