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Control & Command Centre solutions & Set ups

The Command and control centre is the hub of any security investment. The key to it is the interaction of the operators and executives to the technology in front of them. The first stage of any system is to understand the ‘day to day’, the ‘emergency’ , and the critical events that the team will have to deal with. The following is to then work out the procedures that are necessary for the team to follow when such incidents occur.

  • This then formulates a plan as to how the operators will then use technology to assist them to understand situations, and bring the appropriate resources to bear to manage the situation.
  • Raidcom will assit in the planning of these response plans and then design and supply in thetechnology to bring these together as one interface.
  • By incorporating the Visualisation, the communications and the process together and presenting them to the operator enables the operator to methodically work through the process and reduces the inclination to panic.
  • The key to any control room is this presentation and the design of the implementation and this is where our expertise and experience from other global implementations can be used to maximise the effectiveness of your control room
Centralized Console

Raidcom offers a complete picture of all security activity in a single view in real time - no longer is it necessary to try to watch all the consoles in the security center at the same time.

Event Management
With Raidcom, operators can visualize sensor and alarm locations, simultaneously view live and recorded video, view asset/external event location displays, and execute sensor commands directly from hierarchical maps.

GIS Visualization

GIS integration with Surveillint allows security personnel to exploit GPS map details to better visualize their security zones.

Flexible Reporting

The Command and Control software provides automated yet configurable reporting -- no need to spend laborious hours generating reports, copying and pasting from numerous security system consoles, or verifying accuracy.


Surveillint makes tracking suspects across multiple camera views as easy as the click of an arrow -- trail suspects without the need to memorize the many camera IDs and locations or manually search recorded video clips.


PocketSurveillint expands the reach of Surveillint to officers in the field -- no need to translate incident information verbally and risk miscommunication.

Business Logic Manager

Developed with the business user or policy manager in mind, Business Logic Manager uses a drag and drop, Visio-like interface and library of reusable activities to automate actions and enforce policies and procedures.

Workflow Automation

Flexible decisions and activities can be defined to automate tedious tasks and capture expert knowledge.

Policy and Procedure Enforcement

Business Logic Manager employs security policies and procedures without the user needing to know what they are.

Activity Library

Business logic enables best security practices to be shared and implemented, and updating business logic is simple and can be performed by the business or security administrator.

Integration Framework