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Banks & ATMs Network - Surveillance System

B-3S Transact 2.5 is a Transaction Management system for searching and viewing transaction data from virtually any source and time-linking it with digital video recordings. B-3S enables bank to effectively combat fraud and loss occurring in transactions.

Bank can track and video proof any abnormal or suspicious transactions instantly. The solution is the B-3S Transact 2.5 combines the advanced functionality of the Milestone Enterprise and Corporate software with effective data mining of the ATMs transactions.

ATM Plug in:

Transactions from any transaction source like ATMs are collected, time-stamped and stored in a database by B-3S. The transactions can originate directly from the source (through a RS232 serial splitter or Ethernet) or can be retrieved concurrently from the transaction back-end system.

Simultaneously, video from surveillance cameras is recorded and stored by the video system. The time-stamp is the link between the transactions and the recorded video.

The user can then view live, playback and search all recorded data from the single interface, transaction data is displayed alongside with recorded video.

For more information or demo, please email your requirements to banksecurity@raidnet.asia