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ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) System, is an integrated solution for consistent, reliable number plate capture day and night. Our latest most advanced equipment is a combination of camera, optics and infrared expertise which have overcome all the issues associated with accurate number plate capture to produce the most effective ANPR camera package currently available.

It can be used in a number of ways from accurate vehicle counting, integration with Corporate Access control systems, in Police systems for Collecting Road tax, Looking out for vehicles used in Crime, for Congestion charging, automatic traffic offence prosecution systems

The power of the RSIL Automatic Number Plate Recognition technologies enhances public safety, assists in safer roads, and enables police officers to be more proactive and safer.

  • Daily, criminals use vehicles-either stolen or their own-to commit crimes.
  • The ANPR technology reads vehicle number plates and gathers other intelligence which can alert authorities to vehicles of interest, link criminals to suspect vehicles, and link vehicles to crime scenes.
  • Additionally, the capabilities are pivotal in delivering data in a variety of operations, denying criminals the opportunity to drive without a Vehicle Excise Licence, insurance, MOT, driving licence, proper registration of the vehicle or whilst disqualified.
The above screen shows the kind of information that can be gleaned from anANPR system. This can then be integrated with Police computers, Access control and other databases so that information can be shared with other systems.

Automatic Number Plate Readers for Homeland security

The majority of crimes and terrorist activities worldwide involve vehicles. In geographic areas that are experiencing a surge in vehicle related crime and hostile neighbors with leaky borders, monitoring and tracking a large number of vehicles efficiently becomes prudent for law enforcement. ELSAGNA NA works closely with law enforcement and homeland security agencies globally to create customized ANPR solutions for effective and quick policing of: