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Technology and special Know-How are our strength. There is a great deal of new technology in the market. We the consortium, who have vast experience in delivering some of the largest and most high profile security infrastructure in the world.

Our policy is to deliver the right solution to the challenge using best of breed products secured from around the world. We have selected product partners with leadership and experience in major projects worldwide.

  • Most importantly we do not look to provide technologies but fully integrated solutions, considering the criticality of any kind of security and surveillance projects.
  • Project Scalability, Deployment Ease, Maintenance, Disaster Recovery, Technology Upgrade are some of the prime concerns while preparing the project architecture.
  • RPIL has strategically designed the solutions specific to the industry domain.
  • The best part of our solutions is that all the industry domain specific solution can be integrated to a common platform provided by the C4 (located centrally for the city) and C2 (on the domain specific location)