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RAIDNet Now Recruiting
  • Following some substantial projects and many companies signed up, RAIDNet is starting 2011 with a major recruitment drive to secure the most talented individuals in the industry.
RAIDNetSupply Network
Safety Products
    Bulletproof Underwear Vest
    A new generation in personal protection.
    • This revolutionary underwear vest is a state of the art design intended for more comfort.
    • A one piece design with shoulder straps for better fit, comes with anatomical flex points, breathable mesh and a side zipper.
WI FI Equipments
    Wi-Fi / Wi-Max/Wi-Mesh
    • World Class Products by Wavesight, UK – Now Available in India through RAIDNet.
    • Wavesight is a UK based leader in the design, manufacture and application of outdoor point-to-point and multipoint wireless CCTV transmission solutions.
    • Featuring extremely high levels of data security and SPG1 – Wavesight’s own data compression technology…
    • The EGOpro Safety Anti-Collision System manufactured by Advanced Microwave Engineering uses
    • The latest LNXessence technology which is a patented active RFID system to manage areas where Different cranes overlap each other and there is a risk of collision, so providing an innovative and efficient aid to health and safety in the workplace…
CCTV System
    SANTEC- Germany, CCTV Systems- IP & Analogs Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, SANGUARD VMS
    • For more than 35 years, SANTEC has been one of the leading brands for products, systems and intelligent solutions for video surveillance technology. Network-based cameras as well have high-class recorders are only some items of our product offering…
Critical Infrastructure
    CarBomb Finder TM xrc
    • Vehicle-borne system for the detection and confirmation of car bombs, in which the sensors are deployed at the end of a mechanical arm and placed in proximity to the target.
    • The systems are capable of confirming the presence of explosives and other threat materials in a little as 10 seconds.
B-3S Transact 2.5 ATMs Surveillance
  • B-3S Transact 2.5 is a Transaction Management system for searching and viewing transaction data & image of the person from virtually any source and time-linking it with IP video recordings.
  • B-3S enables bank to effectively combat fraud and loss occurring in transactions with live analytic support.

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Latest News
  • RAIDNet Now Recruiting

    Following some substantial project awards, RAIDNet is starting 2011 with a major recruitment drive to secure the most talented individuals in the industry. Find out about exciting opportunities at our portal.

  • Milestone (Denmark)

    RAIDNet has become the 3rd Distributor for India, which is a milestone achievement for RAIDNet because Milestone is the No 1 company in the world for the best VMS software.

  • Wants to be the Top Distributor

    RAIDNet has its plane to become the top distributor of Smart Security & Surveillance Products & Solutions by year 2010. Currently RAIDNet represents almost 29 world class products & solutions and even more in future

  • Vehicle Tracking with Surveillance Cameras

    RAIDNet has introduced the best platform for Education, BPO, IT Industry to monitor their Campuses as well as physical security while transporting by vehicles. We also provide the state of the art VTMS for Public Transport, Logistics companies, Cabs owners

  • Bank & ATMs Security & Surveillance

    We provide the best and proven technology to Banks for their ATM surveillance along with transaction Details with Image synchronizing. These products come From RAIDCom, USA

  • India & Middle East

    The Security & Surveillance Market is estimated to be not less than US$ 20 billion by the year 2020. City Surveillance Projects are very popular in this area. RAIDNet is participating most of the projects via its strategic partnership arrangements.

  • Hon. Home Minister of India

    The Hon. Home Minister P.Chithambaram expresses his feelings for setting up multiple command centers throughout India to tackle terrorism. Control & Command centers are very famous in USA, we at RAIDNet provide the world's best C4 - Control Command Centers with the latest Video Analytic Software including Forensic Analytics.

  • White Paper on City Surveillance

    Dr. Ganapathi Dhiwaghar, Chairman of RAIDNet has released a white paper on "City Surveillance - How to plan step by step". The paper has many features including educating persons who are involves in any size of City Surveillance Project.

  • RAIDCom B-Transact 2.5

    The ATM Interface
    The banking and finance sectors have always been victims to robberies and fraud attempts. B-3S VMS along with RAIDCom B -Transact 2.5 help banking and finance raise security levels and solve fraud attempts swiftly. The B-3S VMS for Bank is an all-in-one modular architecture encompassing all aspects of bank safety: Building offices & branch offices surveillance, ATM surveillance, Cash deposit surveillance, etc.

  • RAIDCom F-Transact 4.0

    The POS Interface
    The Ideal platform for any retail, super markets, jewelry shops, Credit card transactions etc., where the financial institutions can Monitor each of high worth transactions through RAIDCom F-Transact 4.0 Boxes along with AXIS P33 Camera. The Financial institutions will keep images and transaction details for any kind of verifications and keeping visual evidence for fraud investigations.

  • Gulf Asia Holdings Limited

    The Famous Global Investment Company Gulf Asia has Appointed RAIDNet as their Indian Representative, Gulf Asia provides selective solutions and products in many disciplines including Smart Technology, Surveillance, and AMR Metering Solutions.

  • RAIDNetSupply Network displaying many featured items at IFSEC –Mumbai 2010 at Stand No F15.

    We are happy to announce that, RAIDNet India and its partner company “ACTI” Taiwan is displaying at IFSEC, Mumbai on 23, 24 & 25th of November, and 2010.

    RAIDNet launches Franchise opportunities of “RAPORT” – The Retail Security Stores at Franchise – India Trade Show at Delhi on 11-12th of December, 2010.

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